Waiting, Waiting and More Waiting

The first day to vote in the general election brought thousands out to the polls and long wait times.

In Guilford County more than 1,600 voters cast their ballots with an average wait time of one hour. Waiting aside, voters were excited to vote and encouraged others to do the same.

"But if you don’t vote and just sit back at home," John Scott said. "Tomorrow morning or next week when you wake up. Busses not running? It’s raining? Don’t complain. Lights go out? Don’t complain. Street got potholes? Don’t complain."

That's why he came out early. He said if you don't exercise your right to vote you don't have the right to complain.

"You just said mute, I ain’t going talk for four more years," Scott said.

The Third Presidential Debate: Did It Matter?

To pass time in those long lines voters talked about the election and the most recent presidential debate.

Most said that they already knew who they were going to vote for before they showed up to the polling place and very few said the debate changed their decision.

"I was already confident in who I was going to vote for before I watched the debates but they just reinforced how I felt about the election," Sarah Neal said.

Some people didn't even bother to watch the debate.

"There’s no point in getting my blood pressure up. It’s not going to change my mind one way or the other," Cheryl Cheek said.

Vote Early, Vote Often

Early voting began October 20th. Until October 27th, the only polling place open in Guilford is the Old Courthouse. After that all twenty five sites will be ready for voters.

You can check out the early voting calendar yourself by clicking here.

The last day to cast an early vote is November 5th. Election Day is on November 8th.