GREENSBORO, NC -- When Madison Noll tells you why she wants Hillary Clinton to be president you might not believe she's only seven years old.

In a crowd of hundreds at the Clinton rally in Lebauer Park Sunday she stood out dressed in head-to-toe pink complete with a pepto-colored ball cap.

"Go Hillary!" Madison said.

She's no stranger to political rallies. She saw Hillary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama when they stopped in Winston-Salem.

"I really thought it was really amazing. My mom said this is actually a great time for a female president to be at a rally," Madison said.

Her mom, Bridgette, said she doesn't just watch the candidates, she's engaged.

"She has actually had some thoughtful questions about it."

Madison is wise beyond her years but very much a seven year old. She swung around on the security fence and laughed at the thought of Bill Clinton being the next "First Lady."

She wasn't alive during Clinton's presidency but that certainly didn't stop her from flagging down the former for a photo and an autograph on her little pink hat.