CHARLOTTE, N.C. – During President Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress Tuesday, Americans saw a stark contrast in the reactions from Democrats and Republicans.

Several times throughout Trump’s speech, Republicans stood to applause the nation’s leader, while Democrat lawmakers remained seated in protest.

Now, North Carolina lawmakers are weighing in on Trump’s first speech to Congress since taking office in January. And as you might expect, their comments depend on which side of the aisle they’re sitting, with Republicans praising the President, and Democrats taking a wait-and-see approach.

From creating jobs to protecting our borders and ultimately repealing Obamacare, Trump laid out his strategy Tuesday with a bipartisan tone.

Democratic Congresswoman Alma Adams said she was concerned for her constituents after Trump’s remarks.

“He’s proposing vouchers and those kinds of things, but I think what the American people really want to do is not just promises, but we want action,” Adams said.

Her Republican counterparts stood and applauded as Trump laid out his plan to make America great again.

“He is for America and he’s going to rebuild America, he’s going to secure the country, and he’s going to protect us from nation states and terrorists who are out to destroy us,” said Congressman Robert Pittenger. “So, I think he presented a great vision for America to protect this country.”

One thing that both sides can agree on, though, is that Trump’s tone was positive, saying he was uplifting at times.