LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - The Georgia Environmental Protection Department has taken over the investigation into a Democratic National Committee charter bus’s sewage dump—a bus that was campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

While clean-up is done, crews from the state agency were at the scene Wednesday as a part of the investigation, interviewing witnesses.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Campaign Bus Dumps Sewage on Street in Georgia

Hazmat crews in Gwinnett County were called to clean up waste left behind by the DNC’s charter bus.
Officers were called to the O'Reilly Auto Parts at 525 Grayson Hwy., after receiving reports that an “RV” was illegally dumping its sewage into the storm drain, according to a Lawrenceville Police Department report..

Police said a large amount of drying toilet paper was on the road and a "foul smell" was left behind.

There will be no ramifications to the DNC, said Bert Langley, GA EPD director of compliance, since it was a charter bus. That said, any action taken would be against that bus company.

“More than likely we will propose an order with a monetary settlement to address the violation,” said Langley.

Locally, Lawrenceville Police Capt. Greg Vaughn said, charges are possible through his department since a city ordinance is in place against dumping, however, that's not likely because the violation happened on a state route and into a state storm drain. Since the state has a comparable ordinance against dumping, they could fine the bus company.