GREENSBORO, N.C. -- After a weekend of finger-pointing and political theater, lawmakers reached a deal Monday to end the government shutdown.

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The House and Senate approved a spending bill that will keep the government running until February 8.

DACA recipients in the Triad are disappointed by the vote.

"Before I was really optimistic because it looked like the Democrats were on our side and supporting us in general," explained DACA recipient, Maria Peralta. "But this vote, it just feels like they were giving us a show and not fully pulling through."

The DACA program protects undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children.

Last September, President Trump announced he would get rid of the program. However, he gave Congress 6 months to reach a new agreement.

When it came time to pass the budget, Democrats said they wouldn't pass a funding plan until a deal was reached on DACA.

Republicans said that the DACA deal should wait, and that it should be included in a larger legislative measure to tighten security at the border.

With the parties at an impasse, the government shut down on Friday.

But on Monday, lawmakers compromised. The Senate and House voted to pass funding for government agencies for 2 and a half weeks, with a promise from Republicans to work on a compromise on DACA.

But Dreamers like Peralta, don't have much faith that a compromise will pass before another shutdown.

"They've been saying, 'Yeah we're going to work on something. Yeah something's coming, we haven't forgotten about you. We still support you.' But then nothing happens. And time flies," Peralta said.

The bill now heads to President Trump's desk.