WASHINGTON, D.C. - Less than a day after President Donald Trump ordered a cruise missile strike against Syria in retaliation for the chemical weapons attack that killed more than 80 people, according to the Pentagon, United States Senators and Representatives have issued statements regarding the strike. 

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA):

“Last night, the Director of National Intelligence briefed me on the Administration's strikes in Syria. Assad's use of chemical weapons to slaughter civilians was a heinous crime as well as a violation of international norms and Syria's commitments to give up chemical weapons. It could not go unpunished. I am hopeful these strikes will convince the Assad regime that such actions should never be repeated. 

I have requested information from the Administration about their plans, including any additional action in response to the use of chemical weapons. President Trump has said repeatedly that his objective in Syria is to defeat ISIS. Last night's strike was aimed at a different objective. ​President Trump needs to articulate a coherent strategy for dealing with this complex conflict, because the consequences of a misstep are grave.”

Representative Alma Adams (D-NC 12th District):

“I strongly condemn the heinous attacks Assad launched against his own people earlier this week that killed dozens of men, women, and children. Tonight’s airstrike appears to be a proportional response to regimes use of chemical weapons, however, any further military action must be closely scrutinized by Congress.” 

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC):

“Assad is a war criminal who has targeted and murdered his own people, including innocent children. President Trump decisively responded to Assad’s latest atrocity to help prevent future ones, sending a clear message that when the Syrian regime crosses the red line, America will respond. We owe a debt of gratitude to the brave men and women in uniform who carried out today’s mission and continue to keep our nation safe and secure.”

Senator Richard Burr (R-NC): 

“The United States has always been a global leader in fighting genocide.  This week, Bashar al-Assad once again committed genocide against the Syrian people with the one of the most horrific weapons known to man.  I am encouraged that the President decided to take action. The United States is once again asserting its leadership responsibility in eliminating genocide.” 

Representative Ted Budd (R-NC 13th District):

“Last night, President Trump, responding to reports that the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons on civilians, launched a cruise missile strike against an airfield in Syria. It was a proportional response to an atrocity. Before any further escalation of American involvement, I urge the President to work with Congress to craft a long-term strategy to address this issue.