GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Thousands of voters will flock to the polls on Tuesday to vote in the municipal elections.

However, history tells us just 1 out of every 5 registered voters will cast a ballot during the local elections, according to Rock The Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit.

"You're looking at a much lower turnout than in presidential election years. A lot of it is name recognition. There's not nearly as much advertising," UNCG Political Science Professor, Dr. Thom Little, explained. "People for whatever reason just don't have the interest. And ironically most of the decisions that affect their lives are made by local government but they either don't realize that, don't understand it or don't care."

Your local elected officials are the people deciding what happens with your everyday life. They are responsible for public transit, trash collection, utilities, local schools, police, fire and public safety.

They also deal with projects that impact the whole city.

Some of those projects have garnered a lot of attention such as the Greensboro City Council voting to use $40 million of your tax dollars to help with construction of the Steven Tanger Center For the Performing Arts. The High Point City Council is working on getting a major downtown stadium. The Guilford County Board of Commissioners stopped a rock quarry from being built in Pleasant Garden after neighbors came out against it.

"Most people don't realize how many important decisions that city council members and county commissioners make. All those folks make the decisions that are directly impactful on your life," Little said.

Turnout is looking better this year, at least for early voting. In Guilford County, about 7100 people showed up for early voting. That's almost double the number of people who early voted during the last municipal election, according to the Guilford County Board of Elections.

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