Facebook is trying to crackdown on the false news circulating on its site. 

The company created a section on its website explaining what you should look for to spot false news.

Some of the top items on the list:

Look at the URL. False news groups make their URLs very similar to legit news organizations. Go to the real site and compare the URLs.

Look at other Reports. If no other outlet is report it, it probably didn't happen.

Misspellings. False news sites have misspellings and sometimes awkward layouts.

Click Here to read the full list.

Now that you know what to look for, how do you report it?

  • Click The arrow next to the post
  • Click Report post
  • Click It's a false news story
  • Click Mark this post as false news

After a story's been reported Facebook said it might be reviewed by independent third-party fact checkers. It will be marked as disputed if the fact-checkers find the story is false.