You might have a sense of deja vu -- if, for the second, third or fourt-straight year your New Year's resolution is to get out of debt.

Financial expert and Debt Sucks author Ja'Net Adams says that enough is enough, and it's time to fulfill that resolution once and for all.

Start by making this year the last year of saying, "new year, new you."

"I think it is time to stop saying this phrase when it comes to your money. It is OK if this is the first year you are working on your financial situation, but there are people who have been saying, 'this is their year' (when it comes to money) for years,"

So, Adams offered a simple two-step solution to making a resolution a reality.

1) Get an accountability partner

"This person could be on their own financial journey or already out of debt. The point of an accountability partner is that you will think twice before spending money on stuff instead of using the money to save or pay down debt.. Paying off debt becomes easier when you have someone rooting for you," Adams explained.

2) Be easy on yourself.

"Yes, you still need to try hard to pay off debt and work toward your savings goal, but if you have a setback, don't get so frustrated that you just quit. Give yourself permission to make a mistake.

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