REIDSVILLE, N.C. - The Rockingham County Sheriff's Office put out a warning to citizens about a phone scheme circulating in the county. 

Officials say the phone scam involves a caller stating they are a Deputy with the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office, and that they are calling because the call's recipient has failed to appear for jury duty. The schemer will then state he will have to arrest the recipient unless they pay the schemer money. Then, they request payment of the money in the form of gift cards or prepaid credit cards. 

The Sheriff's Office says these calls are showing up under a 336 area code, though they suspect they may be numbers that are generated to make the calls seem more legitimate.

Officials stress these numbers are fake and not associated with the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office. In a release, they state no deputy from their agency, or any other legitimate law enforcement agency will every call anyone and demand to be paid money to avoid arrest. 

Sheriff Page requests anyone who gets one of these calls - let the Sheriff's Office know. 

If you don't know whether you've been summoned for jury duty, contact the Rockingham County Clerk of Court's Office at (336) 634-6000.