Columbia, SC (WLTX) - An old, tattered American flag sat on the front of one Midlands home, so a group of veterans left the homeowners a note asking to allow them to retire it.

The flag belongs to a man who recently died. His daughter, Tonya Smith, found the note as she went to go check on the house. She says it brought her to tears.

"Very emotional, soon as I saw it I started crying," Smith said. "My dad loved it and now he's not here to take care of it. I just looked up at it and started crying. And it is all torn and I really didn't even pay it attention and these Marine guys did. It touched me."

The veterans who came to retire it say they saw the flag after driving by the house one day. They say they knew it needed to be replaced in respect for our country.

"A lot of people died to protect that flag," said Moxy, a former Marine. "A lot of men have come before us, a lot of women have come before us, and they gave their lives to protect that, and protect what we're allowed to do here."

If you have a flag that needs to be retired, you can call the American Legion for assistance.