GREENSBORO, NC -- Get into shape, look younger, reach your fitness goals, join a strong community and drop off the kids for free while you work out? It sounds too good to be true but you can find it at Burn Boot Camp in Greensboro and Winston-Salem.


Burn Boot Camp opened at 3610 North Elm Street in June of 2016. Since then they've been attracting clients from across the Triad with their High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that change everyday. The camp calls themselves a "Fit Community of Moms" that focuses on encouraging women to become stronger. Each class is 45 minutes long so you can easily fit it in a busy day. They even have free childcare during class so moms can drop off their kids and get a workout in.


Burn Boot Camp is a great way to release stress with workouts sure to get your heart rate and endorphins up. Experts say even a few minutes of exercise can calm you down and make you happier and Burn Boot Camp makes sure their fitness routines do just that. The camp takes away the stress by building a workout for you, encouraging you and taking care of the kids.


HIIT is also said to make you look younger. The Mayo Clinic says interval training can reverse the signs of aging at the cellular level. 

You can feel the burn with multiple classes offered each day at Burn Boot Camp. Their schedule is on their website.  Call for the latest pricing and specials.