STATESVILLE, NC -- An Iredell-Statesville School bus driver saved a busload of children from a tornado that touched down last month.

Now she's being honored by the school district.

Lisa Riddick has been a bus driver in Statesville for 18 years. When she saw a tornado form in the path of her bus filled with students, she knew she had only minutes to react.

“The sky just literally starts forming just right in front of us,” Riddick said.

A tornado had touched down right in their path.

Riddick pulled into the nearest driveway. The homeowners immediately ran out to help everyone inside. Riddick then called the school and each students' parents as they waited out the storm.

The school district recognized Riddick with an award at their latest board meeting.

The National Weather Service later confirmed what Riddick and the kids witnessed was an EF-2 tornado, with winds well over 100 miles an hour.

Riddick and the students later signed and delivered a card for the homeowners who allowed them into their basement.