The temperatures are getting colder and you may not feel like working out.

Vincent Webb from North Carolina Cooperative Extension was here to teach you about exercise and physical activity during the holiday season.

First, physical activity and exercise are not same. Physical activity is described as any type of sustained movement that expends energy and usually increases the heart rate.

Exercise is a deliberate and planned series of movements that expend energy and is designed to increase the heart and work the muscles for a specific and measurable goal.

They are often used interchangeably, but they are different. All exercise is physical activity but physical activity is not always exercise.

When it comes to how much physical activity or exercise should you do, experts say 60 minutes per day for children and 150 min per day for adults.

And for those on a limited budget or without a gym membership you still have a way to get fit at home. You can invest in some dumbbells, a small bench, jump rope, and a barbell is a plus. Some home exercise examples include jumping rope, power walking or jogging, push-up variations, and squats.