The storm hit the Triad quickly but clean-up is going to take time.

One by one, the houses will be fixed and the downed trees will be removed. A house on Dalton Street was one of the unlucky few where a tree couldn't withstand the storm's strong winds. The damage looks minimal because crews were able to remove the tree this afternoon and partially patch up the roof.

Homeowner Stephen Bogert learned of the damage while out to dinner. "I was at McDonald's with my kids and my property manager actually called me up and told me that a tree fell on the house. And what was your first thought? Great. Wonderful, a tree feel on the house. Everybody else's house gets a tree fallen on it, mine gets one too."

When he got here he saw a tree leaning up against his roof. He called Outside Exposure, a tree removal company, and crews showed up Thursday morning to take care of it. Using chainsaws, they cut away the top branches to make it easier to remove then pulled the tree down and cut it into pieces.

Fortunately no one was inside at the time. While this will end up being a costly repair for Bogert, he said he's happy it wasn't worse. "Inside nothing looks structurally damaged, just the roof, maybe something in the attic. But its habitability is still the same, no water damage thank goodness."

Because of what happened, Bogert had other trees in his backyard looked at. He's considering getting rid of some of the others so this doesn't happen again. Now he's waiting on the insurance company to help figure out the next steps.

Other Winston-Salem streets were also a mess. On Pine Valley Road, a power pole snapped in half. The power lines were laying in the road and the neighborhood was without power because of it.

Over on Polo Road, a tree came crashing down around 11am Thursday. The wind snapped it off in the middle and forced it over the power line. Somehow the line was able to hold the tree in place. Police quickly arrived to divert traffic around it.