The job market has steadily improved since the Great Recession and a new report shows who's been doing the hiring.

Rick Love is switching careers at 45 years old. The former job recruiter is taking classes to become a web developer.

"There's a ton of opportunity out there and that was a big reason." Love said. found that since 2010, new jobs for app, software and web developers have all seen major growth.

Jennifer Grasz with CareerBuilder said technology is number one. She added that the medical field is another industry that’s growing. In the past 7 years, more than 300,000 registered nurses and a quarter million home health aides have been hired. Part of this boom is from aging baby boomers.

The report also found gains in construction and cooking.

More chefs are needed as Americans start eating out more and more.

Then there’s the rise of the gig economy.

"With the advent of Uber and Air BnB and other organizations, you see more people taking on freelance assignments and I think that's a trend that's going to continue to grow." Grasz said.

Web developers make 40 percent more than the average worker, at $72,000 per year.