WBBM/CHICAGO, IL-- Fun was replaced with the scramble to match lost and stolen items with owners after a recent concert event.

"I checked my right pocket and the phone was gone," says Ryan Harder.

Stolen, he's sure, while jostling to get towards a stage. Harder went home, froze the phone, reported it stolen to event organizers and police and got a new one. Then, six days later, “I get a text message claiming that they were with Apple support and that they found my iphone."

The text contained a link. "So I clicked on the link and it looks like it's the Apple cloud login information, but the URL at the top really didn't look like it was from Apple." Harder noticed the URL for the page ended in dot WYZ. Apple's ends with icloud.com.

'It looks just like it. The only difference is that URL," says Bill Kresse, a fraud expert. He says the scam's been going on for about a year. Thieves get the phone, wait for the owner to freeze it and bingo….."The phone gets a message saying someone at this number or e-mail address has blocked the i-phone."

Kresse says the bad guys use that information to send the phony message asking for a sign in and password, preying on people's panic.

"I don't want other people to enter in their information."