GREENSORO, NC – WFMY News’s Piedmont Winterfest is back! This rink can hold 125 skaters. And to make sure you're never waiting for skates, there are 250 pairs at Winterfest!

To make this rink, it took 5,000 gallons of water. For five nights, crews put down a layer and let it freeze.

The key to keeping it frozen, is a chemical called propylene glycol. It's actually fluid and it runs underneath the rink in tubes. How many tubes?
About 8 to 9 miles of tubing is snaked under the rink.

The fluid keeps ice under the rink about 6°. Ideally, the surface temp of the ice is about 20° but you know that depends on the weather.

Winterfest is open until January 28th. You can check the events schedule here!