Stop what you're doing and look at these adorable photos of two new penguin chicks that are now calling the Jacksonville Zoo home.

The first of the two chicks hatched on July 30 to Troy and Victoria. The gender is unknown that this time, so it is nameless, but it is doing well and thriving. The pair of adult penguins also had a chick, named Sharky, hatch in June of 2016.

And we are here for these adorable little fluff balls that sort of look like they're really over your nonsense. So cute!

The second chick hatched on August 7 and is being raised by Austin and Lola.

Congrats to the new penguin parents!

Additionally, three adult penguins from the San Francisco Zoo join the ranks locally. Two males and one female were introduced into the exhibit and were viewable by the public on August 24.

If you're excited to see the chicks, you will have to wait until they are about three months old to visit them at the Zoo. But, don't fret! You can visit with adorable adult penguins for the time being.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens supports penguin conservation efforts, contributing to organizations such as SANCCOB and AZA’s Invest in the Nest program.