GREENSBORO – Greensboro Police said a baby boy has died after a car crash early Tuesday morning on U.S. 29 South.

Police said Yesenia Aguirre, 21, was driving on U.S. 29 when she ran off the roadway and crashed into a guardrail. The car was then hit by another vehicle on the highway.

Aguirre suffered life-threatening injuries. Her son was transported to Brenner’s Children’s Hospital where he died from his injuries.

The crash was one of three others on U.S. 29 on Tuesday morning. Police had to shut down part of the highway to respond to the crashes.

Police responded to a wreck on highway 29 between Hackett and Douglas Street just before 6 a.m.
The wreck involved a small car and an SUV.

One person was critically injured and sent to the hospital.

Southbound US-29 at North Booker Street was closed due to another accident with injuries.

The fourth crash happened around 6:30 a.m. on Highway 29, just north of Market Street.

Police say the wreck involved one vehicle.

The Greensboro Fire Department responded after the car somehow caught fire. One person was hurt and sent to the hospital.