BURLINGTON, NC - Burlington police are blocking off the ability to turn left near an I-40/I-85 exit to try and help traffic congestion at the end of the holiday shopping season.

The intersection of University Drive and Boone Station Drive is a problem area for drivers this time of year as the roads run between Alamance Crossing and University Commons shopping centers.

University Drive and Boone Station Drive

"We recommend folks avoid the area," said Rachel Kelly with the city of Burlington. "If they've got to do some shopping, they need to be paying attention and be patient."

Police have blocked the left turn lane into University Commons shopping center from University Drive and have blocked traffic from going straight into University Commons from Boone Station Drive.

Those coming from Boone Station must take either a right or a left on to University Drive. Additional lanes may be blocked to prevent traffic from blocking intersections in and around the shopping centers.