WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - If you’re headed to the airport in the D.C. area Monday evening, check with your airline first. BWI urged travelers to "rebook now!"

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A temporary ground stop was in place for Dulles, Reagan, and BWI airports because of construction fumes at an FAA air traffic control facility in Leesburg, Va.

Shortly before 9 p.m., fire officials gave an all clear to FAA Washington Center. Operations are expected to resume soon.

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BWI began operating again shortly after 10 p.m. with flights being delayed 15 minutes or less. Delays at Reagan National Airport are expected to last into Wednesday.

Reagan National airport released the following statement:

"Around 6pm on July 10, an FAA control center in the DC region experienced an issue that halted air traffic in the region for a number of hours. At 10pm, the control center started to resume operations. There are many cancelations and delays. We expect residual delays into Tuesday, July 11 as FAA returns to normal operations. Passengers should check with their airline for specific information about their flight."

It affected all air traffic, Dulles reported. Any flights scheduled to take off are stuck on the ground. Many flights in the air trying to land had to circle the airport before getting the all clear to land.

According to an FAA statement, fumes from construction work made their way into the control room, which handles high-altitude flights over the D.C. area. Workers had to stop accepting new flights and handed off airborne flights to other air traffic control facilities.

"We are actively working to ventilate the facility. Controllers are handling a reduced number of flights safely," the FAA stated.

There was roofing work being done on the building and some of the fumes from the adhesives got into the HVAC system, Loudoun County Fire Department spokeswoman Laura Rhinehart said.

Medics evaluated all 51 people who were inside the building. One woman was taken to a medical facility as a precaution after being exposed to the fumes.

BWI tweeted that American Airlines canceled all flights that were stuck on the ground due to the ground stop.

Airport officials aren’t sure how long the ground stop will last. DCA, IAD, BWI are reporting gate and taxi delays of one hour and 45 minutes to two hours and 45 minutes on the FAA website.

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