LEXINGTON, N.C. -- A new stoplight is causing issues for drivers in Lexington.

Drivers say the stoplight, located on Winston Road at the intersection of I-85 Business Loop, is to blame for an uptick in traffic in the area.

It was installed on March 3 to help with construction happening on the exit ramp of the interstate.

According to drivers, the three stoplights in the area are not synchronized correctly.

"If you get stopped at one red light, then you end up waiting at all three," explained Marvette Leverette, who drives by the area daily.

Department of Transportation Engineer, Pat Ivey, said he has received more than a dozen complaints about the stoplight.

"Like all projects, you really don't know how traffic is going to react to different changes," Ivey said. "So like we do on all of our projects, we will to go in there and make some minor changes"

According to Ivey, crews will re-synchronize the stoplights next week.