GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Just 6 days out from the start of early voting in North Carolina and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is pushing to get more votes from the Triad.

He stopped in Greensboro for a rally Friday at the White Oak Ampitheatre at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex.

He talked for about 40 minutes, starting with a mention of Hurricane Matthew. Trump offered prayers and condolences for those impacted by the storm and the flooding, but it wasn't long before he moved on to another topic.

He dedicated about half his time to defending himself from recent groping allegations.

Over the past week, several women have come forward saying Donald Trump sexually assaulted them several years ago, including former Miss USA contestants.

Another woman claims Donald Trump touched her inappropriately while she sat next to him on a flight more than 30 years ago.

Despite the backlash, Trump is standing his ground. He denies the allegations are true and says the women have no proof.

"They're all false," he says during his speech. "They're all totally invented. All fiction. All 100-percent totally and completely fabricated. Never met that person, those people, don't know who they are."

He went on the blame the media for their role in giving the allegation story legs, saying media should be more focused on Hillary Clinton's emails on her private server.

He also took a jab at President Barack Obama, who spoke at the White Oak Ampitheatre Tuesday in support of Hillary Clinton. Trump said the President is spending too much time campaigning now and not enough time working for the people, something he promises to do.

He wrapped the speech up by bringing in a few of his favorite talking points, the ones that have guided him this entire election season: securing the border, building a wall and ultimately making the country safer.

He moved on to Charlotte for another rally Friday night.