We’re all looking forward to indulging in Halloween candy on Tuesday, but since most of us tend to go overboard, we’re gonna break down the calorie count for your favorite fun size treats for you to keep in mind when you’re on the brink of having a sugar high.

So which of these fun sized little buggers will do the most amount of damage? We asked you guys in a Facebook post what you thought and we got all sorts of answers.

Lucy Troxell and Missy Owens say Twix. Reginee Ngy and Bridgette Sager gave a shout out to Skittles.

We got guesses for Hershey bars, Snickers and fan favorite, Reese's. So let's break it down for you going from best to worst.

A bit size bag of skittles - 60 calories, a fun sized Hershey bar is 63 calories. Twix and Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups all have 80 calories per tiny portion.

Honorable mention goes to candy corn, which tons of you posted about. You guys loved to guess it as the worst mini offender.

It mostly comes in tubs or bags.

A serving size is 21 pieces, yup 21 which is 150 calories, so you guys were target with this one, definitely one of the highest calories candies.

Of course there’s plenty of other high calorie intake Halloween candy out there, but remember you can always check the nutrition label serving size and keep tabs on your calorie intake with these yummy devilish delights.