HIGH POINT, NC - Yes, you read that right... a 6 TON potato pulled into High Point Saturday morning. 

The Famous Idaho Potato is doing its sixth cross-country tour to show people their massive spud and to promote heart-healthy food. 

The Idaho Potato took a trip to the Triad stopping at Elijah's Food Pantry Food Drive at Tabernacle Baptist Church. 

Coming to High Point is just part of the mission to help small charities in towns and cities by stopping by food drives and more. 

Of course the massive potato is not real, but here are some fun facts about the potato if it were, according to the Big Idaho Potato's website:

  • It Would take over 10,000 years to grow.
  • The tater weighs 6 tons (12,130 pounds), equaling 32,346 medium-sized Idaho® potatoes
  • It is 1,102 times heavier than the largest potato ever grown, which weighed 11 pounds.
  • The potato would take 2 years and 9 months to bake.
  • Would make 30,325 servings of mashed potatoes. Pass the gravy!
  • And would easily make over 1,500,000 average-sized french fries.