An unusual motorcyclist caused some panda-monium around the metro this summer.

The Minnesota State Patrol says a caller reported a rider wearing a full panda suit on Highway 101 earlier in the summer. They were concerned because the motorcyclist was weaving through traffic and riding no handed.

The state patrol says that time, the panda exited the freeway before a trooper could locate it.

Then on Aug. 31, dispatchers caught a glimpse of the same rider on I-394. This time, not to be bamboozled, troopers caught up with the costumed suspect. They say he wanted his videos to go "viral."

The state patrol says the driver was cited for reckless driving and the panda head was confiscated.

"Halloween’s not for more than a month," the state patrol warned in a Facebook post Tuesday. "Riders: Make sure you can see and be seen. A panda head will not protect you in a crash like a DOT-approved helmet would."