Norway, SC (WLTX) - A dash cam video shows a heated encounter between a town councilman in Orangeburg County and a police officer. 

The video, released Wednesday afternoon, shows what happened that led up to charges being filed against 42-year-old Michael Singleton, a member of the Norway town council.

Back on April 9, the officer pulled over a female relative of Singleton for a window tint violation along Harrison Avenue.  Toward the end of the stop, Singleton arrived, and approached the vehicle.

Singleton can be heard asking for his relative's driver's license, saying that if you can read it through the window, it's not a violation. The officer continues to give the woman the citation. 

Singleton can then be heard telling his relative, "I'll handle it when I get to council meeting." The officer then tells Singleton, "you're not going to disrespect me, and Singleton says "if you want your job" twice, but doesn't complete the statement.

The two continue to raise their voices, and Singleton says "You're not going to disrespect me, I'm your police commissioner."

The officer says "do not yell at me," and Singleton said the same thing back to him.

"Do not interfere in my traffic stop," the officer then said. 

"You cite everybody for nothing, " Singleton replied. He then told the officer, "come Monday, you might want to resign."

Two two continue to argue, with Singleton saying, "you're not talking to me like that.," and the officer saying, "yes sir I am."

The officer then informed Singleton that he intended to seek warrants against him for interfering with the stop.

"Do what you gotta do sir," Singleton said. "I promise you, at the end of the day, watch what happens."

The officer then said, "Are you threatening me?"

Singleton replied, 'I'm not threatening you, I'm your police commissioner." 

The argument then tapered off, and Singleton left the scene, Back in his patrol vehicle, the officer can be heard telling someone on the radio that he'd be filing charges against Singleton. 

Singleton turned himself in on those charges Wednesday morning, and was booked at the jail. He was then released on $6,000 bail.