YORK COUNTY, Va.-- A sheriff's deputy's choice to appear in blackface as part of a Halloween costume created an uproar after pictures of the deputy surfaced on Facebook.

The York-James City-Williamsburg Branch of the NAACP said in a news release it was "appalled" by the photographs which show the deputy dressed as Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. The deputy poses with someone wearing a costume of President Donald Trump.

Democrat Wilson and the president engaged in a back-and-forth after a call Trump placed to the widow of a service member who was killed.

The release from the NAACP said that during a meeting with York County officials to address its concerns, the consensus of those who attended was that the deputy's "decision​ ​to​ ​dress​ ​in​ ​blackface​ ​was​ ​wholly​ ​inappropriate​ ​and​ ​completely unacceptable.​"

Branch leadership said that despite the fact that officials recognized the NAACP's concerns were legitimate "it was clear the the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office would take no disciplinary action."

The news release added that someone who attended the meeting told the branch's president, Brian J. Smalls, that had the deputy "been​ ​wearing​ ​a​ ​'noose' or​ ​a​ ​derogatory​ ​sign,​ ​disciplinary​ ​action​ ​would​ ​be​ ​appropriate."

The sheriff's office told 13News Now that the office would hold a news conference to address the situation at 8 p.m. Wednesday.