Sure, this bear video is only 45 seconds, but a lot goes down.

The video was taken by a family in Evergreen and uploaded to Your Take. In the video, which is thankfully taken through a glass window, you see a mischievous but also very nimble bear steal a bird feeder, knock over a flower pot and then paw at a curious dog.

It’s the time of year where we’ll see quite a few bears in populated areas.

Watch our latest bear video by clicking play above!

Here are a few highlights (in GIF form!) from our latest bear video:

Stealing the bird feeder (while pulling off a rad balancing act)

Can't see the GIF? Click here:

Knocking over a flower pot (because bears do what they want!)

Can't see this GIF either? Oof. Well, here's the link:

Showing the dog who’s boss (the dog's protected through the window, thankfully)

Can't see this GIF? Well shoot. Here's that link too: