On Friday, a moving company tried moving a vacant home down a South Austin street before it became lodged and stuck there.

By Tuesday, the house is still there. And now, it's become the laughing stock of social media. It even has its own Twitter account.

When KVUE's Michael Perchick got word Tuesday morning that permits had been issued and a bond had been secured for the house's removal, he headed straight for the house to check on its status. Once he arrived, he found that the situation had gotten much weirder overnight.

For the price of $5, those looking for a scare could step up and tour the now-haunted house.

The haunted house tour guide even helped Perchick out with his live shot on KVUE's Midday newscast:

Using #HouseGate, some on Twitter have begun poking fun at the house.

The house has apparently joined the conversation on Twitter with the creation of its own account, "Austin Stuck House." It's bio says it all: "Once a charming duplex in Austin's hippest ZIP code ... now chillin' on Live Oak. Block party, anyone?"