Bears, they’re just like us, AM I RIGHT?!

Don’t answer that, but we did get a viewer video of a bear in Evergreen that was pretty classic. In the video, the bear was spotted rummaging through a garage refrigerator and hastily leaving with some food in its mouth.

The video is only 20 seconds, but it’s worth watching if only for the laid-back way the bear leans on the refrigerator before … you know, taking food that doesn’t belong to it.

You can watch it above!

As for the food the bear got? According to Paul Figlia, the viewer who sent the video our way, "Mr. Bear" came back four times that night, and took:

-Three bone-in ribeeye steaks

-A bag of beef bones (ear-marked for the viewers' black labs Crash and Boone)

-Two full slabs of pork ribs

-A bag of popsicles

-A gallon of ice cream

Adding insult to injury, the bear did not take Paul's homemade lasagna, which was made from an old family recipe!

Paul says the night the bear visited, he heard the dogs barking and told them to go back to bed. That morning, he woke up to find the freezer open and nearly empty.

"There was absolutely no mess and no damage, but I also noticed I had accidentally left the garage door open during the night," Paul wrote. "That's when I decided to review what my security camera caught."

The bear has visited the home three times since that night, Paul said, but has left upon realizing they're not keeping food in that refrigerator anymore.

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And for tips on how to live peacefully with bears (we’re in Colorado, after all), visit:


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