A British Columbia man got the worst type of hospitality outside of a hotel when he was run over by a charging deer trying to get away from a dog.

The CBC reported Thursday that Cary McCook, a rapper and environmental management representative for the Kwadacha First Nation, was getting out of his truck when he was hit by the deer.

McCook was able to get the surveillance footage of the deer assault from the Stork Nest Inn in Smithers, B.C.

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He said he was in for a relaxing night. But nature intervened.

McCook told the CBC, "When I start to make my way towards the entrance I hear three gallops to my left. I turned. Before I could process it was a deer and try to get out of the way — because my left leg was going left, my right leg was going right, leaving me in the middle — bam! I got hit by Bambi."

The deer knocked McCook on the ground, but he was able to pop back up. He said that he was lucky he wasn't hit by a buck with antlers instead. His only damage came from some fur shrapnel left by the deer.

Now that the video has gone viral in his home country of Canada, he's taking the opportunity to promote his hip hop career.