A bizarre snapshot from Google Maps’ Street View has Reddit users divided.

Reddit user Skilletquesoandchill posted a screenshot from Google, which depicts a person backing out of a driveway in a residential neighborhood with their hand hanging outside the driver’s side window, middle finger to the wind — and yes, it’s uncensored. A few yards to the left, a woman stands, expressionless.

So, what has them divided? Reddit users want to know why the driver is so angry. Is it the woman or the Google camera car driver?

Some people say the enigmatic woman was standing nearby by chance, other’s believe she might have a reason.

“She was probably mad that he didn't sweep the sidewalk after mowing,” wrote one user.

He may be right, as grass clippings can be seen all over — and she’s choosing to stand off the curb.

However, it seems most people believe he has reasons to hate on Google.

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“Maybe the woman was just a coincidence and the person in the car just likes to flip off the Google cars for funsies,” wrote another. ”My coworkers waved at a Google car a few months ago, and earlier this week we were looking to see if you could see it on street view. Sadly they were mostly obscured by a tree, lol.”

Surprisingly, one Redditor admitted they’d actually given the bird to a Google driver before:

“I was featured flipping off the Google car in my driveway last year. It only stayed up for a month or two, then Google replaced several frames of that most recent drive-by with frames from a previous drive-by. It took them about 5 months to even process and post the original photos. I was flipping it off mostly because it was doing 45 on my 25MPH street.”

So, how do you vote: the woman or Google driver?

The answer may lie forever, shrouded in bizarre mystery. Keep Austin weird, y’all.