EUGENE, Ore. -- A South Eugene High School student is getting a lot of attention for her unique, if somewhat disturbing, senior photos.

Jillian Henry tweeted one of the pictures out this weekend and now it’s been retweeted 24,000 times and has 74,000 likes.

The extra attention is due to the completely unexpected naked photo-bombers in the picture; a naked man and his dog.

Jillian and a friend were down at the river, snapping shots for the yearbook, when a man in the buff wandered down to the opposite river bank.

“His dog was running around and I was like, ‘He's naked!’” Jillian said. “And I was like, ‘He has to see us. He has to know we have a camera.’”

She still has no idea why the man was there, why he was naked, or even who he is. She said she wasn’t shocked by it; she just thought it was funny.

But she said the attention the pictures received has been shocking. Buzzfeed and several other high-profile websites have contacted her to find out more about the story.