IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. -- Marijuana is causing fear for families in Iredell County. Investigators say six hospital workers were sick after eating some baked goods, laced with cannabis oil.

This news comes following last week's incident were a 14-year-old student at West Iredell Middle school had marijuana candy on campus.

"With everything going on in Statesville the last couple of weeks I'm not surprised," said Kayla Vetter, a concerned parent.

Police say an employee at Davis Regional Medical Center brought home-baked goods laced with marijuana to the hospital. Six staff members had a taste and got more than they bargained for.

It's a growing concern for parents -- pot popping up in highly unlikely places.

"Unbelievable," said Sharon Uttis. "Makes me think twice before eating food people bring to the workplace. I've been in healthcare for 30 something years and I've never ever heard that."

Officials say the staff member that provided the drug induced goodies didn't know a family member had used a THC oil to bake them.

Police say the 14-year-old student gave the candy to at least three other kids. Anthony Salkill says he remembers something similar when he was in middle school.

"One of my friends actually brought cookies and stuff to school and he was selling them," said Anthony Salkill, an Iredell County resident. "Turns out they actually had marijuana in the cookies and he had to get suspended because he had the cookies that were laced with marijuana."

After a full investigation, the sheriff's office determined the drug-filled candy came from the child's parents. Deputies say they discovered numerous bags of marijuana and marijuana candy in the couple's bed and bathroom.  

Kayla Vetter has nine kids of her own. Two of which are in middle school.

"I raised my kids not to get involved in that kind of stuff," said Vetter. "Always tell them not to take anything from friends, especially home-made because you don't know what the parents are like or what they kids are getting into."