Could a pizza vending machine be coming to a corner near you? A company behind the first ever "Pizza ATM" is planning to start shipping them all around the country this year, GrubStreet reports.

The first machine was installed at Xavier University in August of 2016 and delivers a fresh-cooked pizza in about 3 minutes, the food blog reports. The even better part: It's open 24-7 and said to be pretty cheap.

As sister-station WKYC reported in August, customers simply walk up to the machine and select the type of pizza they want from pepperoni to cheese and, of course, veggie - though options may vary by location.

The machine then takes refrigerated dough and toppings and shifts them into a built-in oven. Once the pizza is done, the pizza drops into a cardboard box and is "delivered" to the hungry patron through a slot on the front.

WKYC previously reported that the pizza machine actually has a long history in Europe. But thanks to an agreement between Xavier University and Paline, a company out of France, the contraption made its first major appearance in the States.

Now, it's looking like you may not have to make a trip to Cincinnati to try it for yourself. GrubStreet doesn't say which locations have inquired. But it looks like colleges are among the major interested parties. Schools in 20 states have shown interest in the machine and the company says it may begin shipping very soon.