VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- An owl is recovering from a bruised foot after the bird got caught up in netting and dangled upside down from a tree.

A mother was with her daughter at a bus stop in the 1900 block of Blue Knob Rd. when the mother spotted a Great Horned Owl hanging upside down by a foot in a pine tree. The mother called Alton's Keep Wildbird Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

Tommy Whitehawk from the center came out. He contacted the Virginia Beach Fire Department to help reach the owl which was about 40 feet off the ground. Crews from Engine 19 and Ladder 10 were able to remove the owl. Whitehawk said he guided them because the owls can be dangerous.

The owl's leg was wrapped in landscape netting. Whitehawk believes the owl was trying to catch a mouse when it became entangled.

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Whitehawk said the owl's foot on the leg that was caught up in the netting was not broken, but it was bruised. He'll monitor the owl for about a week, the time that the owl needs to rest. Whitehawk hopes to release the owl soon.

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