For Sonya James-Stewart, September 9th, 2015 started off as a normal day.

She stopped at the Bealls in Copperas Cove before going to get her wedding ring resized.

It was then, after just a few minutes that she glanced down and realized she was missing something very important.

"That's when I realized I lost my ring," Sonya said.

Her wedding ring. A symbol of her almost two decade long marriage, had simply vanished among the aisles.

She told just one person in the store what had happened. A store manager named Elly McGruder.

Devastated Sonya would leave the store, resigned to the fact her wedding ring was gone.

As fate would have it a sharp eyed custodian was vacuuming when she spotted something shiny beneath a display.

"So I reached down and I picked it up and I saw it was a wedding ring and I said oh my goodness," Custodian Karen Tanner said.

The only problem was, Sonya was long gone. With no way to contact her, all the pair could do was wait.

Days went by, and then months. Then on Monday, fate, chance and a little bit of luck collided.

"I looked at her and she looked at me, said McGruder." "I said wait right here. I have your ring."

389 days later, the two women had restored the wedding band to its rightful owner, and for Sonya James-Stewart, it restored her faith in humanity as well.

"It makes you think there are good people. They are honest. You can trust people you don't always have to have your defenses up, said Sonya.