NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCN) — A woman found a dead alligator in the Neuse River this weekend.

The gator, which appears to be more than 10 feet long, was found near New Bern by Lauren Weichinger.

Weichinger told CBS North Carolina that the gator was first spotted Saturday floating in the river.

When the gator was hauled out, Weichinger said that it appeared it had been shot at one point.

In May, North Carolina wildlife officials said they are again considering whether to allow hunters to kill alligators in the state.

The commission considered a proposal two years ago, but ultimately rejected rules that would allow hunters to kill one alligator during the month of September.

Commission spokesman said Allen Boynton says hunting would only be allowed on the southeast coast.

He says strict limits would be needed because it can take the reptiles 15 years to begin to reproduce.

North Carolina last allowed alligator hunting in 1973.