No doubt about it, on the day the NFL teams reveal their regular season schedule die-hards get that Christmas morning feeling. No matter how old you are--you just can't wait to open your gifts.

Thursday was that day for football fans. The NFL released the 2017 schedules and in the world of social media, that's game on for the best Twitter reveal. We don't know yet, how they'll do on the field but it appears many of the teams have some strong Twitter game. 

Here are a few WFMY News 2 thought were creative and engaging. 

We'll start with Super Bowl 51 champs, the New England Patriots, and not because their Twitter game is as strong as Brady's arm, but because they are....the national champions, right now.

The Dallas Cowboys' tweet is so good. They decided to go with music that matched their opponents.

The Carolina Panthers went with video showing logo of all teams.

Not a bad idea of breaking out the clipboard for the Minnesota Vikings. Lot of winning plays came from that school of play designing. 

The Pittsburg Steelers went for the helmets and stadium combo

The Cleveland Browns finished worst in the NFL for 2016, but they got serious game when it comes to Twitter!

Whoa. Tampa Bay went locker room white board on us. But we feel it, as that's still how may news editorial meetings are done. 

The Washington Redskins did a photo correlation