CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Is it too late now to say sorry?

Justin Bieber was at the PGA practice round Tuesday, but our cameras just missed him.

The Grammy-winner watched Bubba Watson play a few holes before leaving the course, and presumably, Crown town.

Even though you could call our pursuit of the pop star "despacito" (translation: slowly), plenty of people got more than they bargained for when he showed up with Watson.

"I didn't really recognize him but all the teenagers around him were taking pictures like mad," exclaimed volunteer Nancy Wilson, who says she has quite the story to tell her grandchildren.

"He was having a good time," she recalled. "They were all just having fun and enjoying being out there on the hole!"

Fans say Bieber wasn't soaking up the spotlight as he refused to sign autographs but when news leaked on social media about his impromptu appearance, the "Beliebers" got in formation.

"I was going to watch come golf and drink some beers and then it was like 'Justin Bieber is here? Now i'm invested, now I'm interested," said one excited fan.

Nancy "Grandmama" Wilson said she expected to see Charlotte native and NBA Champion, Stephen Curry or Carolina Panthers Head Coach, Ron Rivera, but not Bieber.

"The highlight of my day!"

Guess you can consider this Grandma a belieber.

Among those in attendance at this week’s events? None other than pop music superstar Justin Bieber, who was spotted with golfers Wesley Bryan and Bubba Watson during Tuesday’s practice round.

Let me love you. 🎵⛳️