GLENDALE, Ariz. – Monday night’s meeting between North Carolina and Gonzaga, will also be a meeting between two close friends.

UNC’s Roy Williams has served as a mentor, friend, and card shark, in Gonzaga’s Mark Few’s life for decades.

“As far as Roy Williams,” Few said Sunday, “He’s an excellent card player.”

So much so, Few says, that there’s even a card game called – Roy Williams.

“It’s a seven-card stud game,”Few said.

And sometimes Few has to call Williams for a brush up on the rules.

Few recalled one family vacation, when a discrepancy in the ways of Roy Williams (the card game) arose.

“So we called Roy on the cellphone, and my kids now think the world of him because he picked up his phone,” Few said. “I put him on speaker and he had to explain Roy Williams to them. It’s a good game, though. A good game.”

Watch the video above to hear a funny story about how the coaches tried to prank each other in Memphis, Tennessee.