ISLE OF WIGHT (WVEC) -- Coach Chuck Parrish has been the head football coach at Windsor High school for the last eight years. The team may not have the best record at 0-8, but Parrish says he teaches his players a lesson that’s more important than a winning record.

“We love this game but we want to use it to become better men with the life lessons football teaches us,” said Parrish.

So when the opportunity came for Grant Fabits -- the team’s manager who has autism -- to get on the field, everyone jumped at the opportunity.

The play happened for Fabits with a little help from the opposing Greensville High Eagles. The Windsor Dukes were behind, so scoring in the 4th quarter wouldn’t have made a difference. Both coaches came up with a plan during halftime not only to let Fabits play, but also score.

With his teammates by his side, Fabits ran for the 30-yard touchdown during the Homecoming game.

“I felt proud of myself,” said Fabits.

The game is a night many people in Windsor won’t forget anytime soon.

“Did we want to win the homecoming game? Absolutely, but when we walked off the field everybody was talking about what just happened with that young man, and that’s a win at life,” said Parrish.

To make an already memorable weekend even better, Fabit’s classmates named him Homecoming King at the dance the next evening.