In the wake of Donald Trump's lewd remarks picked up on a hot microphone in 2005, WFMY News 2 Sports Anchor Liz Crawford looks into why "locker room talk" struck a chord with the sports community.

I'm ashamed to admit this but my first reaction when I heard what Trump said was, it's just Donald Trump being Donald Trump. However, my husband's reaction was far more fiery.

My husband spent his whole life in locker rooms from little league to division one soccer.

He told me, sure guys talk in a locker room but they don't talk like that at least not in the locker rooms he's been in.

It's not about political party, it's not even about the vulgar word Trump used, it's about the phrase "locker room talk" that struck a chord.

News 2's Liz Crawford spoke with a few parents at the Glenn vs. Southwest Guilford high school football game Monday night. Both parents have sons on the football team.

"That would not be tolerated in our locker rooms, that is not locker room talk. The coaches are trying to raise young men, respectable men," said Tonja Schiltz.

Jerome Johnson added, "I's not applicable, it's not the norm, that's for sure. Donald Trump, as far as I'm concerned, I don't think he's ever been in a locker room."

Donald Trump made these comments 11 years ago and has since apologized numerous times.