GREENSBORO, N.C. – UNCG men’s basketball team is well on its way to play Syracuse in the first round of the NIT Basketball Tournament. But there will be more than just basketball on the line.

The Syracuse Chiefs and the Greensboro Grasshoppers have announced an Attendance Wager.

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“The basketball Gods have a sense of humor,” said Chiefs general manager, Jason Smorol. “to have our two basketball teams meet is a tremendous coincidence and we will make this into another added value of having Jim Boeheim in our community.”

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The teams have decided who whichever has the larger attendance on their Boeheim night wins the bet and the team with the smaller attendance will make a donation to the other team’s charity of choice.

“We look forward to this competition with our colleagues from the Syracuse Chiefs and are confident that we can win this battle,” said Greensboro Grasshoppers President and General Manager Donald Moore. “We also wish the (UNCG) Spartans the best of luck in their game tomorrow night,” Moore said.

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The Greensboro Grasshoppers have announced “Jim Boeheim (No) Value Night” on Tuesday April 11 where people with a valid Syracuse driver license will get free admission, $20 in food and beverage vouchers, and a pre-game meet and greet with hall-of-fame bat dog, Miss Babe Ruth.

The Syracuse Chiefs countered with Jim Boeheim “Added Value” night on April 7. The Chiefs promotion features fireworks, a t-shirt giveaway and free admission for fans with a valid NC driver license. The Chiefs are also donating proceeds from the 50/50 charitable raffle and $1.00 from tickets sold to the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation.