GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes released a 10-page report Thursday reviewing the county's pursuit policies in response to a deadly crash that killed five people last month. The accident involved a stolen car being chased by a deputy on Battleground Ave. in Greensboro on September 30.

Attorneys representing families of two victims in the high-speed crash have talked with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office about the policy.

Barnes says he believes the two-car crash was solely caused by the suspect. He goes on to say Deputy Lineback, who was in pursuit of the stolen car, wasn't involved in the collision and Lineback's actions were justified by law. Lineback reached a top speed of 128 MPH while pursuing, but Barnes says he slowed down as he 'entered a more highly-traveled portion of north Battleground Ave.'

'I also want to reiterate my firm belief that this tragic accident on September 30, 2017 was caused by the
criminally reckless actions of the suspect and only the suspect,' Sheriff Barnes said, adding he deeply regrets the loss of Stephanie Warshauer and Alyssa Bolick and the tragic impact this has had on their families.

The two women were crossing Battleground Avenue at New Garden Road when the suspect car crashed into them, killing everyone instantly. There were three people in the suspect car.

Barnes wrote that the office will look into current policies and training protocols to consider where improvements can be made.

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The full report is below:

Phil Warshauer, the father of victim Stephanie Warshauer, responded to the report:

"I find it highly disrespectful to the lives of Allie and Stephanie, and all residents of Greensboro, that potential for more theft of merchandise at CVS was worth the extreme risk that led to the deaths of our precious daughters," Warshauer said in a statement.

Drew Brown, Attorney for victims' families also released a statement:

We are pleased that the Guilford County Sheriff has announced he is starting the process for a complete review of the Guilford County chase policy. We know the Sheriff and his team are motivated to keep our citizens safe-as is the Greensboro Police Department. We look forward to hearing the positive results at the conclusion of the process.

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