Winter is here and the cold weather is setting in. Frozen pipes can be a real problem and cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Home improvement expert Tom Garcia has a few tips to stop your pipes from freezing.

One of the most common areas of pipe freeze is outside faucets. The cold can travel through the metal and freeze the pipe inside the wall. One of the easiest ways to stop that is with an insulated cover. They cost only a few dollars and are easy to install. Connect the inner wire to your faucet and tighten against the wall. It will hold just enough heat to keep your faucet from freezing in most conditions.

If you have pipes that are difficult to keep from freezing, a very effective solution is a heated strip wire. They cost about 10 to 15 dollars and are easy to install. Wrap the strip wire around the pipe and plug it in. When the weather is cold enough, the wire will automatically heat up and keep the pipe from freezing. When it is warm, the wire automatically shuts itself off.

We want to keep the cold outside, however, so often we can have leaks at our door sill. What you may not know is that many times door sills are adjustable. Check your sill for a series of screws along the top. By turning the screws up or down it also adjusts the height of your sill to make a better seal with the bottom of your door. Once you have it set, close the door and check for any light or air coming through.

Many of our viewers live in the county and most likely have a well that feeds the house. Unfortunately, where the water line leaves the well riser, it is very susceptible to freezing. It is totally exposed. One of the common solutions is to use pipe insulation and wrap the pipe. That can certainly work very well. However, I like an old time method. Straw is a terrific insulator. Pile straw up tightly on top of the well casing and all around the exposed pipe. Then, put the cover back on. They straw will help maintain heat from the ground and keep the well from freezing.

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