Hey, Y’all! It’s Game Day and you’ve come to the right place for the #PanthersOn2 Fan Zone with “Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan.” So you wanna talk football? Let's talk football!

Y'all it's also my birthday today so what better than a Panthers win?!?!?!?!?!?


11:40 - I guess I got my birthday wish! Panthers pull off the win against the Dolphins, 45-21! Get it Panthers! #KeepPounding #PanthersOn2

10:54 - Panthers lead 38-14 against the Dolphins

10:35 - There you go! There you go! What a TD!!!!!!! Panthers lead 30-7 against the Dolphins!

10:17 - Cam the Superman showing up tonight running the ball for a first down!

10:16 - Stewart on the run leaps over Dolphins player

10:09 - It's the WFMY News 2 Panthers Halftime Report with Julie, Patrick, Chad, & Tim! Carrie the Cardiac Cat Fan even got a shout out! How bout that?

9:58 - Woooooooooooo hooooooooo Cam with the pass right where we want it for the TD! Panthers lead 17-7 against the Dolphins!

9:56 - There’s still a little time on the clock to make it happen before the half.

9:52 - Join WFMY News 2 live on Facebook at halftime to talk Panthers

9:47 - Now we got us a game!

9:42 - Nooooooooooo! Just NO! Dolphins score the TD....... Panther now lead 10-7 against the Dolphins

9:31 - Seymour takes a big hit.

9:29 -Panthers lead 10-0 against the Dolphinsat halftime

9:28 This live blog just got lit! I’m still celebrating!

9:24 - Just got my bday touchdown thanks to McCaffrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:21 - Stewart driving it up like a brick house!

9:20 - Samuel with an incredible catch!

9:18 - Yea Funchess get on it!

9:13 - Dolphins almost made my heart stop for a second

9:03 - Gano gets the Panthers on the board with 3 against the Dolphins

9:00 - call on field reversed from interception to incomplete pass

8:57 - Alright! Cam runs it right up the middle for a first down! Go CAM!

8:52 - Slips through Shepard’s hands just like butter (think he just got the stank eye from Cam)

8:48 - Panthers get the first down.

8:46 - That’s what I’m talking about! Johnson with the takedown on D!

8:45 - This Panthers girl just wants a win for her birthday!

8:40 - Solid throw to McCaffrey to pick up some yardage.

8:39 - Let’s Get this Panthers party started off right!

8:35 - Panthers shut it down early.


Panthers LB Thomas Davis with Panthers logo on his helmet visor

Panthers LB Thomas Davis with Panthers logo on his helmet visor 

Cam the man on the field for warmups!

Cam Newton warming up on the field 

The boys are back at it!

HP Andrews & WSSU Ram alum William Hayes in Charlotte tonight playing for the Miami Dolphins

William Hayes playing for the Miami Dolphins 

Richard Childress Racing's Austin Dillon spotted at the Panthers' game.

Richard Childress Racing's Austin Dillon in Charlotte for the Panthers Game 

Panthers players signed helmets for families of servicemen

Panthers players sign helmets for military families 

NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino at the Panthers' game

Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey warming up ahead of the game.

Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey

Panthers WR Devin Funchess talking with @RickyProehl ahead of today's game.

Panthers WR Devin Funchess 

Panthers TE Greg Olsen getting some work in!


The Carolina Panthers will host the Miami Dolphins at Bank of America Stadium on Monday Night Football.

The Panthers and the Dolphins are meeting for the sixth time. The Dolphins hold a 4-1 edge in the all-time series. Miami is one of two teams in the NFL that Carolina has never beaten at Bank of America Stadium (along with Tennessee). The Dolphins won both games in Charlotte, the most recent coming in 2009. Carolina’s lone win in the series came in the most recent matchup, a 20-16 victory in Miami in 2013.


Tonight you'll notice Panthers players all wearing a special sticker on their helmets. It's all part of the NFL's Salute To Service. The stickers honor the following fallen service members.

Panthers honor fallen soldiers 



Carolina is 9-6 all-time on Monday Night Football, including a 6-3 mark at home. The Panthers had a win over Washington on MNF last season and defeated Indianapolis in overtime on Monday Night Football in 2015, marking Carolina's last home win on Monday night.



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Panthers fan pictures!


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Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan Zone

Why I Go By "Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan"

I go by "Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan" because when the Carolina Panthers play my heart pounds out of my chest, my hands get sweaty, I suddenly feel like I can't breathe, my knees knock, wobble and all at the same time. I get so nervous at times I cover my eyes. I scream out words and sometimes get lightheaded.

Just So You Know
I was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. For years, I was like a lost bandwagon NFL fan, but not by choice. I cheered for (and don’t hate) the Cowboys, because in those days it was all about Troy Aikman. Then it was all cheers (and this really hurts to admit) for the Falcons. But then that fateful day of October 26, 1993, came and it forever changed my life. I’ve been covered in blue and cheering for my ‘Cardiac Cats’ ever since. I’ve stuck by their side and will until the day I die (and okay, even after death).

Panthers Fan At WFMY News 2

I’m a Digital Producer here at WFMY News 2. This has given me an unbelievable opportunity to interact with fans and share in all the game day fun like no other.

I remember the many trips to Panthers’ Stadium. I ate your barbecue and tailgated with one of the biggest fans and grills I have EVER seen. I’ve also stood with you at the porta-potty and talked football.

I have stepped foot onto the gridiron. I’ve gathered handfuls of confetti after that big win that sent the Panthers to Super Bowl 50. I stood with my heart beating out of my chest as you cheered and sang “Sweet Caroline” rushing out of Panthers Stadium after the NFC Championship win against the Cardinals.

I got to be a part of Panthers football history with the celebration send-off party to Super Bowl 50. I’ve waited in line with fans for hours to get a glimpse of the Panthers players coming off the bus after Super Bowl 50.

Perhaps my favorite moment with a fan was this as I captured this Panther's kid in a dance battle with Sir Purr and of course the kid won!