CHARLOTTE, N.C. - We hear it all time when we're talking about the Panther: 'Keep Pounding'. But where did the motto come from?

According to, former Panthers player and Coach Sam Mills started it. He used it in an emotional speech in 2004 before a playoff game against the Cowboys. Mills talked about commitment, dedication, team effort and never giving up. He asked his players to 'Keep Pounding'.

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Mills died from cancer in 2005. Now the spirit of 'Keep Pounding' encourages cancer patients and survivors to keep pounding and overcome obstacles. If you've been to a game you've seen the Keep Pounding Drummer. The drummer is usually someone who's overcome some type of struggle.

We spoke to a local cancer survivor during the Panthers run to the Super Bowl. He shared what Keep Pounding means to him.

VIDEO: Local Cancer Survivor Shares What "Keep Pounding" Means To Him